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Newborn eye screening is particularly important because most eye pathologies can be effectively treated if detected in the first month of life. Delayed treatment often results in visual impairment and increased risk of mortality.

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Jochen Kumm / PhD

As CEO of Pr3vent, Jochen is passionate about bringing new technology for newborn vision care to all patients and all healthcare settings.

Educated at Harvard and Stanford, Jochen worked at the University of Washington leading the team that finished chromosome 7 of the human genome, followed by Roche Pharmaceuticals and the World Bank in global leadership positions.

After a decade at the Stanford Genome Technology Center, Jochen served as head of healthcare at IBM Research Africa.

A serial entrepreneur and Stanford StartX Founder, he is passionate about AI that serves and creates new markets. He holds multiple patents and is a founder of PhysioAge Systems, Pathogenica, Pinpoint Science, Placid0 and Pr3vent, and advisor to healthcare AI start-ups.