AI-augmented exams to protect your baby's vision.


Carful preparation

During pregnancy you can talk to Pr3vent to ensure your baby is examined right after birth - alongside hearing screening.


Simple exam

While you are in the hospital, the Pr3vent team takes images of your baby's eyes, sends the images to highly-trained graders and AI support for newborn retinas evaluation.


Clear results

Your doctor at the hospital will receive the results, and can make sure you receive everything you need. All the resources and treatments are available to you - even though, most babies' eyes are just fine.


Your baby's vision

You can come to the Pr3vent website to find much helpful information - before or after your baby is born.


​Newborn Retina Exam

AI augmented vision screening at birth protects your baby against vision loss and diseases of the retina. Pr3vent provides affordable premium exams when your baby benefits most!

  • Expert grading
  • 99% sensitive AI exam