Care for your baby's vision.


PR3VENT looks after baby's vision by looking into their eyes.
Teste 01

The exam is quick, painless and safe, and our camera takes the highest resolution wide-field images of the baby's retina.

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Get the best newborn vision evaluation. Every grader at Stanford is a neonatal ophthalmology specialist able to identify more than 50 diseases.

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The test allows for the detection of disease early enough to allow for a positive intervention, such as medical or surgical treatment.

of disease is found
Thousands of babies
graded by Pr3vent
through key partners

Exam benefits

Pr3vent provides affordable expert exams for newborns. Vision screening at birth enables highly effective treatment.

Very effective

Pr3vent images the entire back of the eye taken by a wide-angle fundus camera, and professional graders - supported by AI - offer a referral recommendation if needed.